Welcome to the website of Reiki master Brent Nicholls.

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Reiki Master Brent Nicholls

My journey began in 1997 when a group of friends and I went to learn Reiki Level One with Reiki master Chris Parkes.

This was a more corporate experience done in a more business styled atmosphere. I personally found it a little detached, yet it was that day which introduced me to Reiki and I am grateful for that.

I have always been a spiritual type of person with a great interest in self awareness and knowing thyself. This lead me to books like Your Erroneous Zones by Dr Mike Dwyer and  Heal Your Life by Louise Hay which laid the foundations for many of my own belief systems.

After learning Reiki Level One I used it personally and with the occasional session with friends. In 2008 I decided to learn Reiki Level Two, that is 11 years after I was attuned to Reiki One.

This time I decided to go to Goa in India with my friend Suzie Whitehead who had learned Reiki Level One there. Our Reiki Master was Natalie Matos.

Learning this in Patnem, Goa was a transformative experience stretched out over a week of meditation as we learned the principles of Reiki Level 2. Here we learnt the sacred Reiki symbols and engaged in shared Reiki experiences.

Learning Reiki Level Two in such a beautiful and peaceful environment is highly recommended.

Reiki 2
Natalie (Reiki Master) & Myself in India 2008- learning Reiki 2

The following year  in 2009 both Suzie and I gained our masters from Reiki Master Savitri Sriharan closer to home here in London.

This was a more personal approach to learning Reiki. We were welcomed in to Reiki Master Savitri Sriharan’s home and over the next three days were attuned to the higher vibration and were taught how to attune others to Reiki.

After gaining my Masters I then continued to use Reiki as a personal transformational tool.

Now in 2015 I plan to share my Reiki with others and teach and practice it more and more. It now feels like the time is right.

With my practice I will do personal Reiki healing sessions, teach Reiki and create a Reiki retreat where students can learn Reiki like I did in a nourishing environment far away from the hustle and bustle of their normal lives.

For me the learning of second degree Reiki in a environment where I could absorb what I was learning free from distraction was by far the best way to be inducted into Reiki. Although for many India may be too far to travel, the experience I had in the serenity of such an enviroment is what I want to share with all those learning Reiki.  The Reiki retreat will not be as far away as Goa but high in the hills in Andalusia Spain in a rural house surrounded by olive fields and nature, just 5 minutes from a 30km long lake and equally from the beautiful medieval town of Iznajar.

More on personal Reiki healing sessions, learning Reiki and the Reiki retreat coming soon.